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We Locate Judgment Debtors and Their Assets.

  ...and any other information that will help recover the judgment amount.

Our expert team of researchers uses ethical and legal methods to find and seize bank accounts, place liens on personal property and garnish wages.

We Buy Judgments
Over 80% of judgments go uncollected
, and the longer you wait to get your money, the harder it
will be to collect.

Are you frustrated and tired of trying to contact
the debtor for payment?

The Judgment Team takes over where the court system stops - we find the money and work though the court to retrieve the judgment amount.

Unlike attorneys and debt collectors that require up front fees, we only get paid when the judgment is collected. In many cases, we buy the judgment outright and have you assign it to us.

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Recent News:

The Judgment Team Picks Up Where Your Attorney Stops, January 2008
You just won that long-fought lawsuit, but months or years pass and you still have not seen a dime from the defendant. Meanwhile, you are still racking up attorney bills just to collect what you already won...Some local attorneys are recommending that you go to a specialist in judgment collection to get the fastest results...One such company, The Judgment Team, takes over "post-judgment" to locate judgment debtors and their assets...

The Judgment Team Finds Debtors Fast, September 2007
...The Judgment Team has recently made a major investment in new technology systems designed to help them locate missing judgment debtors and their assets. Through this advanced data network, the company has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to recover judgments...

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